Nomad Parents is here to help you find your way through a sea of information (all in a foreign language!) so that you and your child can settle into your new home country quickly and easily.

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Lynn Morrison, Co-Founder

Why Nomad Parents?
I knew that preparing for a move to a foreign country was a challenge, but I didn’t realize how much more complex it became when taking a child along. In 2009, I packed up my life and moved to the Netherlands along with my husband and my two-month old daughter. I spent hours on the internet trying to find out about daycare options, healthcare plans and other critical support items we would need upon arrival. Upon landing in the Netherlands my questions only seemed to grow! After asking around I realized that most of the other foreign families were similarly frustrated and confused. What we all really needed was a single source of valid information where we could go to get answers. The more I thought about it, the more information I wanted to include. I hope that my experiences will help other nomad parents find their way through the Netherlands more easily and quickly than I did!

Emilie Yane Lopes, Co-Founder

Having moved from my hometown in Hawaii to cities across the United States, I thought I had become quite accustomed to adapting to new places. When my husband was offered a job in the Netherlands in 2008, we jumped at the opportunity to live abroad. Navigating within a new language was definitely the first hurdle. Now that we are expecting our first child here, I can truly see not only the importance of having access to information and resources, but also being able to connect with other parents in my community, as well as, with parents across the Netherlands. There are so many stories and experiences that we can share and laugh about together, making the challenges of raising a family abroad a bit less difficult. The Netherlands is such a great place to live and grow, and I hope that Nomad Parents can help enrich your family’s experience!