Dressing a Newborn Baby

October 10, 2013 | SHOPPING | By Lynn Morrison

Many expecting moms can be quite conscious about their looks, what with the excessive weight gain and other physical attributes that pregnancy can bring. For many expectant mothers, looking great is as important as being healthy.

According to the United States’ National Network for Child Care, parents must choose the right clothes for their newborn, because baby skin is sensitive. Making them wear the wrong type of clothes may affect their health and safety. Parents should also take in consideration the fact that infants grow up fast.

Baby Dress Selection Guidelines:
· Always choose clothes made of cotton – Raising Children, a parenting website from Australia, said that a baby’s skin reacts swiftly whenever they feel that what they are wearing is not comfortable. This commonly leads to rashes or allergies. What’s great about cotton is that it is soft and easy to wash.
· Choose clothes based on the current weather – When Marks and Spencer launched their baby clothing line, the company put emphasis on the use of stretchy body suits. They said that depending on the fabric used, these types of clothes can be perfect for any type of weather. These clothes can also protect the children from insect bites.
· Comfortable fit and allowance – Babies’ dresses or suits should always be larger than their current size. Since they grow rapidly, there is a good chance that the clothes you bought a month ago will not fit them in after a few weeks. Baby clothes should have the following features: