Welcome to the Netherlands. You can find info here on getting a BSN and DigiD, what paperwork you need and which gemeente’s have expat desks to better help you.

Your Expat Child is a great resource for parents moving abroad

Help your child feel at home in their new house

November 1, 2012 | By Carole Hallett Mobbs

(Message from Lynn at Nomad Parents: I recently discovered the website and was so excited to see all of the content Carole has posted to help parents when moving abroad. I invited her to write an article for Nomad Parents so that you could […]


My child thinks she is Dutch

October 29, 2012 | By Lynn Morrison

I am American and my husband is Italian. We have two daughters, ages 1.5 and 3.5, who have lived their entire lives in the Netherlands. I recently had an eye-opening conversation with my eldest. I told her that I was American, papa was Italian, and […]

You can get advice on where to find favorite products form home using our forum or facebook groups

Becoming resourceful

October 15, 2012 | By Lynn Morrison

A friend recently asked me if I wanted her to bring me anything back from the US. Offers like this don’t come around very often, so I stopped to really think about what I might need. The answer stunned me. I didn’t need anything. Don’t […]

A single bicycle can hold three or more in the Netherlands

Life in…The obligatory bicycle post

September 13, 2012 | By Lynn Morrison

A top question from people outside of the Netherlands is, “Do people really ride their bicycles everywhere?” The short answer is YES! No description of the life in the Netherlands would be complete without at least a small mention about cycling. Rather than write another […]


Life In…Delft: Saturday Market

September 6, 2012 | By Lynn Morrison

One question we expats always get asked by expats-to-be and family and friends back at home is “What is life really like where you live?”. This column will explore daily activities of expat families all across the Netherlands. Each article will be short and talk […]

The first few weeks in a new country can be tough

My First Few Weeks

July 13, 2012 | By Lynn Morrison

In June of 2009 I sent my husband, cat and dog off to the Netherlands two weeks before my planned departure date. I fully expected that my husband would have everything that we needed set-up upon my arrival so that I could jump right into […]

Stairways in Dutch homes are tall and narrow.

Upstairs, Downstairs

May 20, 2012 | By Ken Morrison

When our daughter and son-in-law told us they were purchasing a home in Delft, we thought it was a great move for them…and for us. On our next trip we would be able to visit them without having to spend our nights in a hotel. […]

These women are having fun at a happy hour at Cafe Leonidas.

Expat Parent Survival Guide #1

May 15, 2012 | By Lynn Morrison

Before we had kids, my husband and I thought that we knew everything there was to know about being an expat. We had lived, worked and studied in different countries and were looking forward to starting a new adventure in the Netherlands. We knew we […]